Welcome to the Farm

So...here is how our Fourth of July went! We got two new roosters and two new pygmy goats!

Meet Starsky, Hutch, Lavern, and Shirley!

Never again will we be able to get all four in the same shot, all looking at us again!

Never again will we be able to get all four in the same shot, all looking at us again!

We had been planning on the roosters for a while, but we had no idea that the goats would beat them to the farm! So my sweet husband is the biggest city boy. He spent most of the day worrying about if one of the goats would ram him. I mean honestly! These things are knee high!

The Goats

These sweet girls were at a farm with around 50 other goats. Needless to say, they did not get much one-on-one time. They are really timid right now and seem to be warming up to us, but at the moment they just run from us. Hopefully, I will have a progress report later on how magnificently they have come around.

Meet Shirley! She is on the left. Shirley is the sweet timid one. I called her "Pants" all the way home because it looks like she is wearing a cute little pair of khakis.

Lavern is the one on the right. I called her "Eyebrows" for a while. She is stubborn and likes to sass. She absolutely has it out for Bray. Anytime he is around she stomps her feet and snorts at him.

The Roosters

Our roosters came from Asa's babysitter. She had 3 roosters together in a small pen and the big rooster started doing a number on these two. Men, I swear! Always marking their territory and strutting their dominance.

Here is Hutch. He is a little on the dumb side. Might be all the pecking he took from Mr. Boss Rooster! For some reason, he hasn't been able to find his way in or out of the coop. We have to catch him to put him on the roost at night and let him out in the morning before we go to work.

And, saving the best for last! Here is Starsky! This chicken is crazy! Every picture Bray took of him, he is giving him the stink eye. He is probably the worst of the two from being beat down. He got out of the pen on the very first day, and gave my dad the run around when he tried to get him back in to roost for the night.

Welcome to the farm and the family! This is only the beginning!