House Update

It has been an absolute age since I took the time to write about the house. I finally found some time today as I sit here with my 7 week old baby boy on my lap.


We have had several ups and downs with the house. It seems like every time that we gain some momentum, something pops up and kills it. We have had issues with every thing from contractors, financing,constant rain, pregnancy, and a church remodel going on at the same time! As of right now, we have a good momentum going. It is starting to look like a house and I couldn't be more excited!

This is after siding and windows were installed. Lots of landscaping to do once this is all done!

This is after siding and windows were installed. Lots of landscaping to do once this is all done!

The house has been closed up and painted on the exterior. All of the walls are framed on the inside. Electrical is done and the HVAC is very, very close! We have a little plumbing left to do and we are working on the insulation, but after that it will hopefully be time for all of the fun stuff!!! There is still a lot to do in the yard to tidy it up and to keep the water from running into the house. 

Here are some more pictures from the progress over the last few months.


Hopefully, I will have more time to do more updates in the near future! Until then!

Quick Update

I'm sorry it has been a while for those of you who I know are keeping up with the house....especially Granny Butler's family.


While most of the progress has been put on hold lately, there have been a few new developments. I am expecting baby boy Brooks #2 in July! So, the house has got to get a move on ASAP.


We have hired a contractor to come do most of the big stuff for us so we can get a good jump start. We had to remove several of the exterior walls and the floor joists because of rot. They are going to come put all of this back together and fix the footing and blocks. They are supposed to start today at the house (weather permitting) and the estimated time for them to be done is 2 weeks! Two glorious weeks and the house will no longer look like a shed will look like a house again! Once that is done we can get to work on the inside!

Hopefully, there will be more frequent updates in the next few months.

For an update on the little farm:

* We lost Lavern due to bloat. She was pregnant and Bray and my dad tried everything to save her, and then to save the baby. The baby was just too early.

* Shirley is pregnant and we are expecting her to have our newest little member anytime this month.

* The hens decided to take an egg-laying break this winter, but after this past weekend it looks like they have picked up the pace again.

* I am currently contemplating what I want to grow in my garden this summer. It needs to be something with not much fuss since I am going to be gigantic this summer and then have a itty-bitty baby to contend with.

Hope to have more for you soon!


As I said before, nothing too exciting on the home front and probably won't be for a while. I may fill the blog with other content in the mean time!

But, just to touch base on the house real fast! Our nights and even some of our weekends have been filled with other obligations lately, so there have not been too many giant leaps forward. Most of the hard work (by my dad and Bray) is going into the foundation at the moment. So...progress is being made...just in things unseen. When you only have 1 1/2 days to work on it each week, it is going to take a while! I have to keep reminding myself of that whenever I start mumbling under my breath.

You can see a smidgen of some tester colors I have been trying out...working on deciding what color to paint the outside!

You can see a smidgen of some tester colors I have been trying out...working on deciding what color to paint the outside!

The inside is still basically an empty shell...minus a few staples in the floor.

Tools of the carpet staple pulling trade!

Tools of the carpet staple pulling trade!

One of the major changes that IS visible is all the hard work that Mr. Tommy is putting into the outside! He is taking out all the trees that could do major damage to the house if they were to fall.


The house looks so big now that it is not crowded up with all of the overgrown trees!


Also, Mr. Tommy is going to work on our water drainage problem. He is going to move the dirt in such a way that it will not longer be running into the house and causing damage to the foundation and siding.

I am so desperately longing for cooler weather so that I can take an actual stroll through the woods to see what we really have! I'd come out covered in ticks and chiggers right now! I've been told that there is an old barn, pig pen, and a garden spot. They say that the barn has fallen down, but I think that there may be some usefulness to it still. Just have to access the damage!

I have such vision for this little ole place. I cannot wait for it to be reality! I feel a huge sense of gratification when I am out on this property and inside the empty house! It brings an odd peace to my soul that I have been unable to obtain over the last few years. Just being back home (instead of living in town) has done wonders for my outlook on life and my heart! God definitely knew what He was doing when He moved us!

The Lord said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you
— Genesis 12:1

Well I may have went from my "country" but I just went back to my father's house and I took my people with me...for now! If they are lucky, I will keep them!


Farmhouse Flip: Demo Overview

So here we are...four weeks into this demolition. We were only hoping that this would take a week to do, but here we are a whole month in. The main culprit is our busy schedule; however, the demolition itself keeps turning up surprises.

In the den, where we are putting our master suite, we found an issue with the concrete foundation.

We originally thought that the floor was bowed because the wood under the carpet had gotten wet. Easy fix...just tear up the wood. Nope! Wrong again! (I am doing really good on getting these right, huh?!) The concrete is all bowed up for some reason. Now that has to be jack hammered up and re-poured.

Another issue that we ran into is the ceiling tiles. The original intention was to leave them and sheet rock over them. This was going to hopefully eliminate the mess that comes with pulling down the tiles and the insulation above them. Well, they decided themselves that they didn't want to stay! They just started falling out of the ceiling!

Just in case you were wondering...this is what is above your ceiling...CAUTION: Don't remove unless you are prepared for this!

Just in case you were wondering...this is what is above your ceiling...CAUTION: Don't remove unless you are prepared for this!

I guess the trim around the top of the walls was the only thing holding some of them in place. So...we have just decided to yank them all down so we can see what we have up there. Bray pulled the edge of one tile down in the living room and they all fell at one time in the living room, dining room, and kitchen! It definitely made quick work! We will be replacing the insulation with spray foam now.

We have also discovered 2 roof leaks since we have had the torrential down pour for the last couple of weeks. This is another thing to add to the growing list of things to fix.

So empty and clean!

So empty and clean!

Hardworking...and filthy!

Hardworking...and filthy!

I may have a small dry spell on posting exciting news for a while...or at least as it involves the house remodel. We have hit that point where nothing is fun or very interesting anymore...or at least not to the eye. I may be able to sneak a few pics of the boys trying so hard to be handymen! Next on the agenda is fixing the foundation, removing any trees that can hit the house, dirt work, and rewiring and re-plumbing the house. I'll be getting super excited once the fun stuff starts coming sheet rock, paint, tile, and cabinets!

Also, I plan on redoing the hardwoods if anybody has an suggestions or tips, I would appreciate it!

Did I mention that the house came with a cat?!?! My mother-in-law named her KC for "Kitty Cat"! None of us have been cat people in the past, but she's growing on all of us. And, I better take good care of her because Mrs. Armilda will get me!

Enjoy the following pictures of our empty shell!


Farmhouse Flip: Demo Day...More like Demo Month

So.... We have started demolition on the inside of the farmhouse. My husband was beyond giddy to get to swing a sledge hammer! He was like a toddler leaving a path of destruction throughout the house!

From the first time that I stepped foot into this house, I had two things that I was just itching to do:

  1. Get the carpet up!

  2. Uncover the fireplace!

I was hoping for hardwood floors and floor-to-ceiling brick on the fireplace. I only got 1/2 of my wish.

Under the carpet was hard woods - in decent shape! I hope that they can survive once the repair of the foundation is completed. Right now they are bowed with the rest of the house because of the foundation issues. I hope that they do not snap when we set the house back level again!

My next objective was to get the cedar paneling off of the fireplace. I just knew that I was going to pull back those bad boys and have marvelous brick all the way to the ceiling.

You can really see the foundation issues in this picture.

You can really see the foundation issues in this picture.

Whaa Whaa Whaa!

Excuse the mess! This is what happens when the sky is falling!

Excuse the mess! This is what happens when the sky is falling!

Who builds a fireplace like this?! At first I thought that the bricks just broke off over time and with the shifting of the house. Nope! No bricks in the wall. The only thing that we can figure is that the original builders knew that it was going to be covered up anyway so they didn't have to worry about making it pretty, just sturdy.

Oh well! I will just have to regroup and adjust! Who knows what I will come up with?!

Farmhouse Flip

Hello!!!!! I know it has been a coon's age since I last posted....but we've been busy!

The most recent update and what has been on my mind the most lately is ...drum roll, please... our very first house flip! We closed on this bad boy last Thursday! So, if anybody has been curious about what is happening on the Powhatan spur...this is it!

We are calling this a farmhouse...because we are going to install our little hobby farm here once the remodel is done. It is on a sweet little quiet lot, surrounded by mature trees, and 4.552 glorious acres!!! You got the 4.552, right? That extra .052 is very important!

I promise, it isn't as bad as it looks....okay, maybe it is! Just pray for me!

I promise, it isn't as bad as it looks....okay, maybe it is! Just pray for me!


Currently, this little ranch style home is 3 bedroom, 1 bath hot mess! If there is a problem, we have it. So far, we have roaches, shrews (what's the heck is a shrew?!), and spiders..galvanized plumbing...out-of-date A/C and a 22 year old heating unit...mold...and severe foundation issues! I love the trees that are on this lot, but sadly a majority of them will have to be cut down in order to keep them from falling on the home. is the itinerary...pending what we find in the walls and which walls end up being load bearing...

  • Demo everything! (Them critters can't hide anywhere!)

  • Convert from 3 bed, 1 bath to 3 bed, 2 bath.

  • Converting old den into Master Suite

  • Demo back bedroom to expand the kitchen

  • Refinish hardwoods

  • Repair and repaint siding on the house and shop

  • Landscape like crazy!

I hope that you have as much fun watching this unfold as I do!