When the adults are away...

Several (and I mean several) weekends ago, Bray, Sara, and I stole away for a day to find a few kid friendly hikes that we could take the boys on…which ended up not happening because we all got the stomach bug…

First, we headed to this overlook in the middle of nowhere. Not exactly what we were expecting, but beautiful and peaceful nonetheless. We were anticipating a trail. It was basically just a spot that you pulled off onto the side of the creepiest gravel road known to man. Also, not kid friendly. Not husband friendly either if you have one like mine that likes to get as close to the edge as possible.


The view was amazing and it was an amazing spot to drink our Shadrach’s coffee that I brewed that morning! I have always loved Shadrach’s for its “fancy” coffees…specifically their Alpine Mocha…Mmmm! But, I have never actually had their roasted coffee until they gave us some to try! So good! I am a firm believer that coffee is better if it is fresh ground. Invest in a cheap coffee grinder and you will not be disappointed in the better quality of your coffee. My favorite of the ones they gave us to try was the Dark French roast! Go get you some today! If you love coffee, you will adore this! I am now spoiled to it and will be purchasing their roasted beans from now on! Maybe I can get one of them to show me how to make that Alpine Mocha at home! Wink Wink!


After that, we headed for some grub in one of our new found favorite spots…The Ozark Cafe! We had to introduce Sara to all of its delectable goodness! Seriously the best burger, guys! Make the trip just for that!


Next, we ended up down at the Mount Hershey Campground. It is another primitive campground with only a vault toilet. But, it looks like a great place to spend the day and let the kids swim and play. It has two separate creeks that flow into the Buffalo River. This would be great for us so the kids could play up in the creek and not out in the swift current of the river.

Next, we found Alum Cove Natural Bridge.

So. Very. Cool.


This one I think is pretty kid friendly for kids who are able to walk well on their own. Asa would be fine. Hawkins would be more of a challenge. It is super easy to get to the site of the natural bridge and it in itself is worth it.


But some of the real gems is when you continue the hike and see the small waterfalls and the caves. The caves are awesome for small ones (and even the big ones) to play around in!


Lastly, we went to Magnolia Falls which was once again down a creepy gravel road! But, it was well worth it. The hike was fairly easy and I would say pretty kid friendly as long as you keep them close once you make it to the falls.


For some reason, I was not feeling very well on this trip. Just relatively nauseous and winded. Well, guys and gals this would be why…


We are going back to our happy place in a few weeks and will hopefully do a few easy hikes. I am pretty much out of commission for a while when it comes to any strenuous hikes. I am just going to be happy to find a water puddle to flop my round self in this summer!