Do Go Chasing Waterfalls!

Have you ever had one of those weekends where it just refuels your soul? That was what this particular weekend was for me!

We had some good friends join us on this little outing…Trisha and Elijah. This trip was about the big boys and the little brothers had to stay home! Sorry guys!

We were looking for kid friendly hikes that were not too much of a distance away that the car trip was cumbersome for them. Bray pretty much was our tour guide and Trisha and I were just going with the flow.

Bridal Veil Falls

The first hike was at Bridal Veil Falls in Heber Springs. Not gonna lie…the weather started out less than ideal. Thanks to Trisha for remembering to bring everything that I didn't think about…like a poncho! It eventually quit raining and allowed us to really enjoy our time here.


Everything that Bray researched on this one said that this was a kid friendly hike. I would disagree, but that could also be my way overprotective mother hen showing. It was a narrow path with drop offs that the kids could have easily fell down if they weren’t paying attention.


It was a great little hike though. It was very short and to the point. When you first arrive, there is a lookout deck over the falls. After we had our fill there, we winded down the hill to the base of the falls.


The really cool part was the walkway behind the falls! It made for a really neat experience!


We climbed the massive hill back to the top of the falls. Trisha collected ground cover as we went…only to have Elijah pitch it over the edge of the deck later! Bless her! She was loving that stuff!


Trisha is one of those fearless souls who is up for anything! She was the only one brave enough to go out to the edge to take photos. I’m pretty sure Bray and I both held our breath until she was safely back by us!


The boys found a little overhang and pretended they were black jaguars for a little bit!


And, ran then ran through all of the puddles before we loaded back into the car!

Mirror Lake Falls

We next headed to Mountain View to the Mirror Lake Falls. This was when we fell straight into Narnia under the White Witch’s reign! All we were missing was Mister Tumnus to greet us!


This small hike was so worth it in the snow! It was magical and otherworldly as the snow was falling down and we were the only ones around. There are ruins of an old mill that looked stunning with the falls in the background. I felt that this trail was very kid friendly so Bray did good on this one. It just requires a little more supervision towards the end of the trail closer to the falls.


I’d love to bring both boys back to this one when it warms up. There are concrete pads in the water (from the old mill) that make the perfect spot for the boys to splash around in the water without technically swimming or having the fear of the current taking off with them. They would have such a blast!


Back Home

By the time that we made it back home, everything was covered with a huge dusting of snow! We still had to skidaddle over to Jonesboro to pick up Hawk from Bray’s parents house. We didn't actually play in the snow until Sunday morning after we discovered that church was canceled. Here is basically how it went….Asa loved it, Hawkins hated it. The boys ride-on Ranger died so therefore no more fun was to be had!


We spent the entire weekend in God’s glory outside and it made my heart full! Nothing quite restores me as being outdoors in our Heavenly Father’s Creation. Bray encourages people all the time to get out and explore. I think that he just wants people to feel the restorative joy that we get from these kinds of experiences. It may be a phase or it may be permanent, but he has really gotten the hiking bug and I am not going to complain. I am loving it as much as he is even if I’m not quite as expressive about it.

My prayer for you this week is that you find something that gives you joy like no other and get out and do it.