And... WE'RE IN!

I thought that this day would never come! We have finally moved in! Is my house perfect? By no means. But, IT IS MINE! (Cue crazy cackle)

You never fully appreciate something that you have until you no longer have it. We are so grateful to my mom and dad for letting us live with them..for the last two years! I know they are happy that we now have our own space and that they have their space back. Two adults and two children have an overwhelming amount of "things" to try and cram into two spare bedrooms. Each time I am over there, they have another pile of items for me to take home with me!

I think that we are all reveling in the fact that we can streak from one end of the house to the other in our underwear and not have to worry about someone seeing us! don't appreciate it until it is gone.

The outside still has a lot of landscaping and touch ups to do.  Our main priority was moving in and that has been accomplished. Bray is currently working on the back deck. So far it looks great! It is usable to get in and out of the house, but it will eventually have a roof over it. We were having to use cinder blocks for a while. Imagine going up those wobbly things in the pouring down rain, baby on each hip, and an arm full of groceries...all at the same time. I mean come on, I am a one trip kind of gal!

I have been so impressed with the amount of carpentry skills that Bray has acquired over the last several months. He doesn't even hesitate to go to work on something now. Two years ago, I would never have imagined he would be able to whip up a deck by himself in a weekend with no help.

As soon as these final things are taken care of, then the focus will turn to fencing for all of our two and four legged friends. Right now, the goats and Scarlet (our Labrador) are still at my mom and dad's house. We are looking into getting some guineas...and if we can get the small pond to retain water, some ducks.

I want to give a huge shout out to some key players that helped us through all of this:

* God - No kidding. Number one in all of this. Without him, none of this would have come to fruition and without his blessings and guiding hand, I would probably calling a padded room home right now.

* My mom and dad - My dad did it all! He was what I would call the main contractor. He was in the thick of it from day 1 and without his help, the house would still look like it did when we bought it. He used almost all of his nights and Fridays off to work on our house. Not only did buying this house put our lives on hold, it also put theirs on hold. My mom was always willing to do what was needed...whether it was manual labor or watching the kiddos so I could do the manual labor or run and pick up supplies.

*My papa - Thanks to him, we have heat and air and electricity. Oh, and my very fluffy grass! He still shows up during the day and takes care of the little things that I would never think about. He also was a major part of this renovation.

*Vic and Nancy Brooks - They painted the house and the shop for us! Huge help!

*Shane Honeycutt and Jumpstart Construction - They finished the house out for us and they did such a good job. We definitely would not have been as far along as we are now without them. If you need some good workers, call Shane at 870-637-0930.

*Ted Dail - Mr. Ted built my beautiful countertops! We have dubbed him a master carpenter! Bray showed him an idea of how we wanted the countertops done and he made it happen!

* Tanner Duncan - He is our Barton's man and one of Bray's good friends. If we needed something, we just called him up and he had it delivered.

*Sara Roby - This girl is my #1 side kick. If I needed to run to the house for something, she never hesitated to come watch my kiddos, or hop in the car and go with me, or give me her opinion.

*All of my moving day buddies (Sara Roby, Tyler Roby, Robyn Roby, Pat Roby, Tadd and Mekenzie Fore, Robyn Fore, Steve Fore, Vic and Nancy Brooks, and Larry and Joann Norman) - We had so many vehicles coming and going, stuffed to the gills, that moving time didn't take hardly any time. I appreciate each and every one of these people. Not only did they physically help to move our belongings, but some helped watch my children, some put together cribs and furniture, and even Mr. Pat had to reinvent my kitchen cabinets because my refrigerator was too big for the opening.

We have actually been in the house for a few weeks now...and no, I am not completely unpacked. Some things keep getting pushed into the closets to be worried about another day.

So now for the most important! Side note: I am not a professional photographer so these will not be professional quality! Also, I am not an interior designer. Just pretend that you didn't see something out of place. I am more worried about function and practicality because you know, two boys and all. One of my new adopted sayings is "If you see a mess and it bothers you, feel free to clean it up."


My kitchen! I was so worried about storage, but the added pantry really helps... The stuff in the pantry would be one of those things where you just pretend you don't see it. That is going to be one of my future projects. Hopefully, one day when you look in there it will be all nice and neat with everything in a cute container and blah blah blah. It'll happen one of these days...probably when my children are grown.

I am loving this farmhouse sink!!!

I love how open my house is. I like that I can be in the kitchen and see my boys in the living room. Not that it is where they are....they are usually in the kitchen too... wrapped around my ankles. But on the rare occasion, I can see them in the living room.

This is my oldest son's room. We made this room bigger by eliminating the other bedroom that was beside it. When we did away with that old bedroom, we expanded the kitchen and this bedroom.

This is little Hawk's room. This room had the least amount of changes done to it. The main thing was that we had to move the electric panel in here. Hence, the tapestry. I sort of feel like a hippy hanging it on the wall. But it was so darn cute, and about the only thing big enough to hide that ugly gray panel.

Is that not the most magnificent shower head you have ever seen?!


This is mine and Bray's room. It is a little on the sparse side at the moment. But I still have a few things in storage that I need to put in here.


This is basically an exact replica of the boys/guest bathroom. Why change up a good thing, huh?


We are loving our new home and getting to make memories together in it. We cooked spaghetti at home the other night and Hawk devoured it! Asa, my oh so picky one, spit it out!

A Saturday morning breakfast!

dThis is the current state of the back yard. But, at least Asa is enjoying the dirt piles. The outside still needs most of the work done, and hopefully throughout the summer, progress will be made.


We are going to spend most of the summer making up for time lost with our children. We plan on lots of outdoor time and maybe a few trips to the zoo.

Stay tuned! ;-)