Quick Update

I'm sorry it has been a while for those of you who I know are keeping up with the house....especially Granny Butler's family.


While most of the progress has been put on hold lately, there have been a few new developments. I am expecting baby boy Brooks #2 in July! So, the house has got to get a move on ASAP.


We have hired a contractor to come do most of the big stuff for us so we can get a good jump start. We had to remove several of the exterior walls and the floor joists because of rot. They are going to come put all of this back together and fix the footing and blocks. They are supposed to start today at the house (weather permitting) and the estimated time for them to be done is 2 weeks! Two glorious weeks and the house will no longer look like a shed anymore...it will look like a house again! Once that is done we can get to work on the inside!

Hopefully, there will be more frequent updates in the next few months.

For an update on the little farm:

* We lost Lavern due to bloat. She was pregnant and Bray and my dad tried everything to save her, and then to save the baby. The baby was just too early.

* Shirley is pregnant and we are expecting her to have our newest little member anytime this month.

* The hens decided to take an egg-laying break this winter, but after this past weekend it looks like they have picked up the pace again.

* I am currently contemplating what I want to grow in my garden this summer. It needs to be something with not much fuss since I am going to be gigantic this summer and then have a itty-bitty baby to contend with.

Hope to have more for you soon!