The Scoop with the Coop

So apparently, Bray and I are not the only ones wanting to start a hobby farm! My son's babysitter gave away some of her roosters and my mother decided that she needed them! So off to work we went!

We are currently using a pen that was previously occupied by some other family pets. The fence had to be reattached in some places and patched in others.

The biggest issue was providing the chickens with somewhere to roost and nest that other animals cannot get to them and the weather will not bother them. This would be where a good chicken coop comes in!

Solution: Meet Steve, my Dad! He is a hoarder. He has a problem. We are working through it.

Seriously though, this man brings home anything that he thinks will be useful later. And, most of the time he is right! Like in this case....a storage container that use to contain a transformer. He brought it home to make a deer stand out of it and it has been sitting out back taking a beating from the weather because honestly who has the time to be building a deer stand! We have chicken coops to build!

We hooked it to the four wheeler and drug it from its required (by my mother) hidden spot out into the glorious open in the chicken pen....except as it stands now it is anything but glorious!

Dad has cut the floor out and we laid down chicken wire so that all the little lovely poultry droppings will fall out of the house and it will be easier for us to clean out...can anyone say COMPOST!

We trimmed down the top part of the structure so that we could put a cute slanted tin roof on top. My dad went trekking through the tick infested woods to find the perfect Cedar limb for the chickens to access their coop and to roost on.

We left the back and front exposed so that the chickens can have some air flow in the coop during the monstrous hot and humid summers we have. We just covered the openings with chicken wire so that nothing unwanted can get into the coop and snatch our chickens up! We slapped some old cabinet doors on the front and sides that my dad had found out in one of his sheds. This makes easy access to the nests to retrieve the eggs! We trimmed the doors with some old 1x3s that my dad kept from whenever their house was under construction...14 years ago!

Finally, the coop got a coat of red and white paint in typical barn style! This was literally the only purchase we made on the whole coop! I spent about $45 on paint and brushes....$45 for the cutest coop I have ever seen!


The only modification that I may make in the future is painting the tin roof. It looks a little unfinished and untidy to me. I think a coat of paint will dress it right up and give me the completed look I am going for!

This just goes to show that resourceful doesn't have to look redneck!