Keep 'Em Busy Board

So as everyone probably knows, my little bitty is turning 1 on Sunday! He is full of energy and loves to mess with anything that needs to be "figured out".  We run, not walk. There is no sitting still with this one!

Between party planning and getting stuff ready, I made time to make a busy/sensory board for Asa as one of his gifts from Mommy and Daddy.

This is one of my inspirations from Pinterest.

I love all of the activities available on this board!!! I, however, do not have the space for that monstrous thing! I went to Lowes and in the wood section you can buy precut panels of wood that are used in various projects. They have all shapes and sizes. I wanted something that was small enought to sit in Asa's lap and portable enough that I could put it away easily or throw it in the car if I needed. I bought this one for around $8.

I carried this around the store a put all of my "activities" on it as I shopped so that I would know what and how much to buy. This is what I ended up with...

Most of everything here came with either self-adhesive or screws. The only things that I had to find screws for were the castors. I first arranged everything on the wood panel how I wanted it to look.

Then , I used my dad's handy dandy drill and secured everything in place. (P.S. I had the supervision of my dad and my husband as I did this project. I guess they felt like I needed it. My dad had helpful input, but I think he was terrified I was going to screw through the counter top.)

Viola!!! A mini busy board to hopefully keep little man on his toes!

I did this whole project for about $40. Everything came from Lowes except for the screws for the castors. We just had them on hand. I am ready to give this to Asa on Sunday and see what his reaction is!