Asa turns 3!

How is this precious child already three years old?!

asa 1.jpeg

It just seems like yesterday Bray and I were looking at a gummy bear version of him on our first ultrasound. We went through so much to have him that his birthday every year seems like a momentous occasion filled with so much deep meaning. I look at him and celebrate his life, but also mourn for the loss of his sweet baby features. I want to shield him from this world. I want to make every day full of sunshine and rainbows for him now while I can before he is old enough to determine the reality of this world. Nothing warms my heart more to hear him eating breakfast at the kitchen bar singing “The rainbow is a promise! The rainbow is a promise! Oh, yes it is! Oh, yes it is! The rainbow is a promise!”

He started his birthday morning by eating Pop Tarts in his jammies and dinosaur costume! This was seriously the best $5 I have ever spent! Both of my kids (or maybe me) have gotten endless entertainment out of this headband and clip-on tail!

We did not do much party wise for his birthday this year. We just had a very small get together of our family and closest friends. I basically just threw it together Friday night and we had his party Saturday morning.


I did manage to order the cake ahead of time though. Score one for mom!


He asked for a “zombie” cake which is his terminology for The Munsters! Elizabeth Goad at Goad Ala Moad delivered as usual! This child is such an old soul! He loves The Munsters and old Westerns! He will rarely watch an animated movie. He wants to see real people in his cinema.


Since his birthday is in October and he wanted The Munsters on his cake, a Halloween theme was obvious. Like I said, I didn’t go crazy with it. Just enough that he felt like I really done it up.

All three of my boys snoozed the afternoon away once everyone left…Mom started laundry! (Story of my life!)


After his party Saturday, we took him to the mall to get new tennis shoes for school….Grammy’s treat!

Side note: I have never taken either of my children to the mall.

As soon as we walked in, Asa yells “WHAT is this place?!” Of course we had to ride all of the cars!

Car 1.jpeg
car 2.jpeg

It took careful maneuvering on mine and mom’s part to keep him out of the germ infested play ground! I could practically see the flu, hep A, and strep germs all over the equipment!

We did let him play in the Halloween section against my better judgement. I was internally cringing the whole time convinced we would be bringing home a family of lice! So far…the coast is clear!

Afterwards, we stopped into Panera for dinner. My picky boy ate his whole bowl of Mac-n-Cheese and his yogurt!

His actual birthday was Tuesday and it was busy-busy-busy for him. He got to go to “Big Boy” school and he loved it! He adamantly reminded me to get his backpack!

His daddy is so proud of his joggers!

His daddy is so proud of his joggers!

My mom took cookies to his class. They gave him a crown and sang happy birthday to him! Mrs. Rita sent me a message that he already had an accident report on his first day (he fell on the play ground)! Welcome to Pre-k! We are so thankful to have Mrs. Rita as a teacher! Asa seems to love school so far and tells me every morning “I go there!”.

asa king.jpg

When he got home, he rode his new ranger around the yard for a while. He spent time with Bray at the park and Bray let him run wild for a while.

ranger 2.jpeg

Then, he snuggled with his momma to cap the night off! I just sat there melancholy because he has lost that baby smell. I just stared and savored that sweet boy as much as I could and reminded myself to not ever take him for granted.

Photo by Brittany Foster.

Photo by Brittany Foster.

We love you, Asa Oliver!

Sweet Baby Boy Shower - Woodland Edition

Cakes by the Cake Artist, Lyne Hancock.

Cakes by the Cake Artist, Lyne Hancock.

This past Sunday we celebrated the impending arrival of our newest church baby...Heston Shelby Horton! He is due on August 18th, but as I am typing his mommy dearest is in labor! We will get to meet him sooner than we planned!

We planned Heston's shower theme off of his nursery theme. She is doing his room in gray, navy, and orange with cute little woodland foxes and tribal accents!

Let me quickly mention that this is a church shower, hence all of the not so stunning cabinetry! I feel like this is a normal persons venue of choice...or something similar. Not everyone has the budget to rent a conference space in a 5 star hotel for a baby shower! Plus, we can pack a monstrous amount of people in our fellowship hall for free!

This cute little idea that we got from Adorn Event Styling's blog and we through it together the day of the shower. It was super simple and it added just the final touch that we needed. We ran to our local dollar store and picked up a pack of construction paper, cut out triangles relatively the same size, and hot glued them to some fishing line.  Then we found a limb light enough to be suspended from the ceiling and tied the lines of triangles on!

I picked up the cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby and spray painted them orange and navy. They added a nice personalized touch to everything.

We made these little teepees outs of the cutest woodland animal scrapbook paper that I could find! I got the paper and the dye cut feathers from Hobby Lobby.

Excuse the chicken decor...we were at my mom's house....she's obsessed!

Excuse the chicken decor...we were at my mom's house....she's obsessed!

Everybody meet Sara! She is my partner in crime! We help each other with any project the other one has going on! I couldn't pull off anything without the creative genius of this girl! This project was obviously the teepees! They were easy peasy...just time consuming. We used several different sizes of plastic bowls from the cabinets, traced them, cut them out, and then shaped them into cones. I nipped the tops of and placed the dye cut feathers down in the tops. Ta Da!

We also made this super cute pom pom garland! I modified the idea from The instructions on the website said to wrap it 90 times around a fork, but I couldn't get it to hold. It may have just been the weight of yarn I was using, but we wrapped ours approximately 45 times .

You can get all the instructions you need from the link, but basically you wrap the yarn around the fork about 45 times. Then you thread the yarn through the fork tines and tie it off in the middle. Get it tight enough that it looks like a bow tie so that the pom poms will not fall apart later. Then, take scissors, cut the ends, and fluff and trim the pom poms so that they are fuzzy and round!

Don't you just love her nail polish!!!

Don't you just love her nail polish!!!

We had fun doing this one even though we were a little bit hurried and scrambling to finish up!



Congrats Hunter and Courtney!!!

Brunch Bridal Shower

My brother, Tadd, and his fiance', MeKenzie doing what they do!

My brother, Tadd, and his fiance', MeKenzie doing what they do!

Ya'll!!! I cannot express how sweet and precious that this girl is to me! She is so compassionate and caring that I felt she needed a bridal shower to compliment her spirit! I wanted the shower to be beautiful and elegant and everything that she ever dreamed of! I decided to make it a Tea Party/Brunch theme!

My first concern was a venue! We live in a small town of about 75 on the outskirts of a few bigger towns. Not many options to host an elegant bridal shower. We have a beautiful historic courthouse just down the road and it was perfect!!!!...until the custodian of the property told me absolutely no food! What?!?! No food! At a wedding shower!!!

Historic Powhatan Courthouse

Historic Powhatan Courthouse

I eventually settled for an equally beautiful renovated historic building in a town about 15 minutes away...and it was aptly named "The Venue"...ooh la la! It worked better for her guests anyway because the majority of them were coming from the college that is located in the same town.

The Venue

The Venue

My next main concern was the flowers! You just can't beat REAL flowers! Those can also be expensive! My main tip on flowers is to get the biggest bang for your buck. I have done several showers where I just buy what is on sale at the grocery store and rock them! They are just as pretty as what you can get at the florist and no one knows where you bought them..especially after you trim and doctor them up. For this shower though, I had a certain look in mind and I didn't want to chance the grocer not having what I needed.


These flowers are huge and I can make a simple, beautiful centerpiece using just a few of them! I contacted a florist friend of mine and she sold them to me straight from the grower at her price. I had to do the manual labor myself....soak, clean, and trim those bad boys. Fun fact: Did you know that you are supposed to soak their head in water for 20-30 minutes after you get them? Me neither! I had 50+ hydrangeas in my bathtub! How romantic?!?!

My final major feat was the food! This is where Dear Ole Pinterest came in! See below for the menu and links to the recipes that I used/modified from fellow bloggers! And...some things I cheated on and went with store bought. A girl can only do so much!



Look at how gorgeous this bar is!

Look at how gorgeous this bar is!